when there is no answer

Faith involves a trust in God, a trust in his promises. Sometimes in the fog of life, it’s hard to see through to any of the promises of God we find in scripture fulfilled in and through Jesus to God’s people. Given the situation and how we got there, it may be hard to see how any of God’s promises will help us out of our immediate trouble. Granted for sure we know in the long run at the end of the day when all is said and done, God will be faithful to his promises and God’s good will prevails. We may not be able to see how that works for us.

I need to be in the word, in scripture daily and throughout the day as much as possible. A big part of that is so that I can learn to do well amidst all the challenges and problems which come my way, some hanging over me.

A danger for us all is to settle into answers which ultimately have no staying power. Perhaps they have staying power for this life “under the sun,” but end up seeming empty or “meaningless” to us in the end (Ecclesiastes). So that like the one who ends the book (see Tremper Longman’s commentary on Ecclesiastes), life is simply about fearing God and keeping his commandments in whatever situation we find ourselves in, whether in the midst of plenty or living in need.

Sometimes the answer is so close to us, even where were living, that we can’t see it. God is working out his purpose, his good will right in front of us, we are in the middle of that, but where we may be in the process makes us wonder.

Such times are good times to lay low, be still and know that God is God, be quiet and listen, continue in the word and prayer, and seek to find God’s peace in the assurance that he is present and will take care of us, of our cares and needs. Of course we are blessed to be a blessing. Our concern must be not only for ourselves but for our neighbor.

At any rate when we are unsure about life’s situation, where to hang our hat so that we can be at rest, that is when we need to learn to look and lean all the more on the one who promises never to leave us and never to forsake us in his presence and working in and through Jesus.


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