continuing on—holding on to faith (as well as the faith)

Faith includes standing still to see the salvation of God, but it also includes moving on. We remember that at a certain point the Israelites were commanded to stand still and at a certain point they were commanded to move on, to go through the Red Sea (Exodus 13-14). Of course these were specific directions at a specific place and time. What about when one is settled into a place where there are plenty of questions and seemingly little or no answers?

Our call in Jesus is to continue on in the faith in both holding to the faith, and holding on to faith. Which means our faith is to be active in the ways specified in scripture.

What makes this especially difficult is when we’re in a place where our faith is not propped up with this or that. Where we’re left with nothing except God and God’s promises given to us from scripture in Jesus.

Of course we must hold on to the faith, and that’s not something to be taken for granted if I’m reading scripture correctly. And we need to hold on to faith itself. It is one thing to say we believe, but it’s another to really back that up with a life of trust in and obedience to God. We need to be committed so that no matter what we’re facing and how we’re feeling, we continue on, not just in a general sense, but to do so, in the specifics God gives us.

I think we see the dynamic of what I’m trying to get at in the psalms. Oftentimes the psalmist is in a mess as far as they are concerned. And yet they appeal to the faith and to faith. So that whatever their experience, at their core they’re still people of faith.

Faith is both passive and active. It all depends on God. But we have to walk as in live in the salvation God gives in and through Jesus.