it’s about the gospel

There are all kinds of matters in this life which actually do matter. From the big to the small, which often in the case of the small is as big as life to those it affects. Everything has its place.

At the same time something can be quite out of place in our minds and therefore, concerns. From the political situation to what happened to us yesterday. Not that any issue is to small for our Father who even knows the number of the hairs on our head so that he is intimately in touch and I think even touched himself, remarkably, with all the details of our lives.

While we need to remember that, so that we can learn more and more to cast our cares on the one who cares for us, it will help us in our understanding and expectation, yes in our faith to learn to see the big picture, what it’s about for us in this life.

While there’s so many things we have to see to, hence the blessedness of some who don’t have to see to so many of these kinds of concerns (I think myself of the responsibilities which go into “owning” a house), we’re to live as those who live for the gospel, who give up our lives for Jesus and for the gospel (Mark 8:34-9:1). And see everything somehow in relation to that. So that we try to somehow relate everything to that gospel. Because if anything becomes an end in itself, doesn’t it then become idolatrous? From whatever political allegiance someone might have to whatever good ideal and goal one may wish to see implemented.

There may be wisdom and good in such things, but for us in Jesus we see not only for the life to come, but for the present life, that the gospel of God’s grace and kingdom come in Jesus is what we don’t want to lose sight of ever. So that our view of everything is tempered and perhaps even changed by that gospel.

I believe this is a truth which I’ve caught only a glimpse of and which I want to see better in relation to everything. It is the difference that being in Jesus in this present life makes. Of course it’s rooted in and even the life of the church. And it’s to make a difference in our lives, the difference that following Jesus makes. Let the reader understand. May God grant us to understand this by his Spirit in and through Jesus. Amen.