new possibilities we find in the word

When reading and meditating on scripture it is good to become aware of different angles which may help one keep on keeping on in good faith in the faith without becoming unduly discouraged. Helping one as well recover from discouragement.

For me the psalms can be par excellence in so doing. Besides my normal read of them each month, right now I’m slowly working through them during the course of each day. Just this morning as I was getting my breakfast around, I found the passage I was on an encouragement in suggesting to me that what I’m going through and the disappointment I’m experiencing with regard to something is understood by God and will be taken care of (Psalm 55:18-19). Of course we pray not only for justice, but even more so for mercy, a mercy which would triumph over justice, not by setting it aside, but by bringing the guilty one to repentance and forgiveness, even as we forgive others regardless.

We are connected to the real world in what counts and what is good in scripture. Outside of that real world is the world of lies, of “smoke and mirrors,” of plain downright deception and deceit. The answer for that is not necessarily pretty in our eyes; we seem averse to the purging of evil perhaps in large part because we are not capable of doing that ourselves, since we are tainted with evil, so that we fail in our imaginations to see judgment as good. But judgment from God is always good, meant in the end to save, even while there remains a final judgment which puts an end to the possibility of evil.

We need to remain in the written word, in scripture, knowing it leads us to the Word himself, God’s final Word, Jesus. But all the ins and outs of that written word are important, having their place in and through Jesus. So we do well to remain in that word. Something I hope to keep doing the rest of my life in and through Jesus.