God’s love in the psalms

Going through the psalms slowly, I’ve recently been impressed with the emphasis on God’s love. It is often rendered “unfailing love” in the NIV and is said to be “better than life” itself. When you read the psalms, you find nearly anything and everything in them within the gamut of human experience with all its ups and downs, ins and outs. The experience people are living through is anything but even keeled, the need both from the inherent limitations and propensity to evil in humans being great.

The God of the Bible doesn’t avoid the mess of life and messiness of who we are. So that no matter what we’re going through, we must not think that God isn’t present and that his love doesn’t matter or somehow is not for us. In and through Jesus, God’s love is always present. And it’s especially interesting to see the dynamic of God’s love in the psalms.

Like the psalmists, my experience is all over the place. I want to address it all with God’s truth in scripture in and through Jesus. God’s love for me most often seems all but lost as I press on and through day after day. But that is a loss not merely of imagination, but of the reality which actually upholds me and keeps me going. And that love that is present is not only for me, but for others. And in terms of God’s good will for the world, so that when that love is violated by evil, God’s judgment eventually comes.

That unfailing love written about in the psalms is climaxed in God coming to earth as a human in Jesus, and dying so that in the end evil and death are no more. Out of love in the covenant with his people, all of this not only for them, but even through them for the world. A love which I don’t know enough in experience, but which is my hope for today and beyond not only for me, but for everyone else in and through Jesus.