pressing on in the word no matter what

There are many ways of being entirely discouraged and simply wanting to give up. Or when one basically thinks they’ve given up and are just trying to get through the rest of the day or days left to them.

I write here from experience. Maybe somehow my expectations have been amiss, but I’ve thrown in the towel, and I’m trying to hold on and do what I think God is calling me to do- well to the very end.

And for me that means continuing in the gospel through the church and through the word, the latter probably being the most prominent and pronounced throughout my days.

I force myself into the word when I don’t feel like it, although ordinarily I do feel like it, or at least by habit am moved to continue in scripture. Yesterday was one of those days when I had to pick myself up by force to do it. And when I did, it seemed like I was simply reading words, the truth not really sinking much if at all into me. I tried to make sure that the way I was reading remained the same, slowly and thoughtfully, hopefully prayerfully as well- as in listening to God and trying to understand the life in God through Jesus better.

Today will likely be more back to normal for me. But everyday needs to be a day when we are in the word in whatever way we can do so. As we are in God’s word, God can shape us and make us according to his will for us in Jesus. That is where I hope to be day after day to the end.