the truth and crucifixion

From reading something this morning, I am thinking of what should mark a church, a Christian. Love is certainly at the heart, the first and greatest commandment being to love God with all one’s being and doing, and the second, like it, to love one’s neighbor as one’s self.

That is comprehended in the Truth himself, Jesus. And “in Jesus” is about death and resurrection, a crucifixion which results in a resurrection people.

Of course the gospel in Jesus and his death and resurrection is the impetus, indeed the power of God for salvation to all who believe, a salvation that is ongoing through the many ups and downs of life, for all of life not thinking here of the world to come, but of this present life.

Do we really believe that the truth as it is in Jesus is the true answer, not only to our questions and difficulties, but to the problems of the world? Other things have their provisional place such as governments. But there’s only one final, lasting hope for the world, found in Jesus and God’s grace and kingdom come in him. The Truth himself through whom by his death we are taken into life. Through baptism and faith. So that we are people in Jesus of the cross. Knowing in that his resurrection power and life.


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