fresh manna

God provided for his people Israel during their travels in the wilderness, giving them manna, a kind of food which sustained them during their forty years in the wilderness. Every day except the Sabbath, the food dropped down from the sky and was to be gathered each morning except for the Sabbath. The day before the Sabbath twice as much would fall to provide them with enough to eat on the Sabbath. They were to gather as much as they would need for the day. If any was kept for the following day, except for the Sabbath provision, the food would be uneatable, full of maggots and begining to smell (Exodus 16; Numbers 11:6-9).

One of the most important lessons we need to learn as Christians, as follower of Jesus is that yesterday’s food from God was good for yesterday, but not for today. Not that what we learn in the past shouldn’t help us in the present and the future. But we need something fresh from God every day. And it’s not that we’re looking for some kind of experience, either. It is in line with a commitment to God through Jesus in daily seeking his face so to speak in and through the gospel and the written word. We need to be those who seek daily to come near to God and to seek his will.

Our Daily Bread is a devotional which is distributed worldwide in a good number of countries, and is good to help Christians get into the word. That ministry also helps one read through the Bible (see top of link under the picture). And for those of us who get into the word, it is still a good read daily. Liturgy connected to the Book of Common Prayer is also helpful in getting in the word daily. Many Christians have a daily quiet devotional time when they get into the word and prayer. All of this is good. The vital thing is that however we might do it, we seek something fresh for each new day. This is the way God intends it; he wants us to come near to him and draw from his word and in so doing listen to his voice each day in and through Jesus.

We need something fresh from God every day. Our lives are meant to be interactive with God and in that, interactive with others day after day. Meeting our needs and helping others from what we receive, as well as helping them do the same themselves in and through Jesus.


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