what is on our radar?

We are undoubtedly people of our time and place with perspectives which are limited to the lives we live as well as to the world as we perceive it from the media. That is fraught with all kinds of dangers in skewing reality. Not that any one person is going to understand it well in all its complexity.

As people of the Book, we who are Christians, followers of Jesus need to keep reading scripture for all its worth, a challenge in itself. Inevitably we will read it from our perspective, which means we will have blinders on, so that parts of what is there will not register, or at least not register well. Important aspects of God’s written word may be all but lost to us. One such example is God’s concern for the poor, which is seen over and over again in scripture. Here’s a look through a translation at how often scripture refers to the poor.

What scripture majors on is what we should emphasize without leaving the other issues behind. What we especially need to avoid is making scripture support what may end up being a worldly agenda. It’s easy to take something out of its context, put it in our own, so that we see scripture saying something it isn’t saying at all.

What we’re aware of and concerned about ought to both come from scripture and be informed by scripture. It may very well be a subject scripture does not at all address, such as climate change. But out of love for God and for our neighbor we may conclude that it’s a matter that as a follower of Christ and a fellow human being we ought to be concerned about.

In all of this as always the gospel must be foremost and what follows from it. As we keep reading scripture prayerfully ourselves and with each other. So that we can see more clearly the path God has for us in Jesus.

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