open the Book

I may very well be accused of being a Bible person and I would plead guilty as charged. There are times when there seems to be a lull in receiving, perhaps a bit more or less of “the dark night of the soul” setting in. Though actually that’s really never the case. God is always at work even when we feel that God is far removed from our own experience. I have such times now and then, and that’s when one is reminded of how good normal times are.

Are we at an impasse in our lives, in our experience, when all seems barren? Of course many things could be going on, but one possibility is that it’s a pruning time in our lives. God continues to do that surely, so that we might bear more fruit in Jesus (John 15). But the call here in this post is simply the call to open the Book and read. Read widely, whole books and over time, the entire Book. At the same time on another track, read slowly, meditatively, prayerfully, interactively with God. And when possible with others.

Doing so will help us receive from God in other ways. Certainly the church gathering needs to be a regular part of what we’re about as well.

Are we in any kind of a lull? Or are we not? It doesn’t matter. Day after day after day we need to keep opening up the Book so that we can learn and be led in the will of God in and through Jesus.


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