trying to get through the challenging places

There are times which more than try the soul as it was once said, which test one’s patience and expose weakness as well as plumb depths to which one does not care to go. That is where I am right now. We have to realize that the Lord is present to see us through regardless of what we face. And that he is at least using the problems to a good end, that he is working out his purposes in and through it all. While we have to deal with the small details which come our way, we do well to look at the longer view and the big picture insofar as God gives us the insight to do so.

What comes to the fore in this is the sense of being called. We are called to something we would not choose on our own, but which is important to God as well as for the people who are involved. A calling implies responsibility and trust: one is entrusted with an important task, or put in an important place to be and to remain.

What is also helpful is to realize that “this too will pass.” For some it does involve a lifetime, although there normally are different seasons so that there may come some relief of some kind. For many of us it is a window of time which is part of today, but will be gone tomorrow in the sense that at least a decade from now things will look different.

Going through this we need to find the times of relief and rest, even recreation. The times when we for the moment can forget everything, having entrusted it all to the Father. Easier said then done, and truly a gift.

We must depend too on the prayers and help of the community of the faithful of which we are a part, the church. We can’t make it through such times alone; we need not only the Lord, but each other in him.

We want to be faithful, but to be so we must learn to rely more and more on the Faithful One, who will give us the wisdom and strength that we need, as we look to him for that through Jesus.


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