accepting one’s guilt (to receive forgiveness)

Without airing one’s guilty laundry, which is hardly ever appropriate, and if done should be done with much care looking for the needed wisdom with prayer, one ought to accept the fact that they are guilty when such is the case, and forget about trying to smooth the way so as to lessen or avoid consequences. That can be easier said then done since people often are not merciful. Of all people on earth, Christians or followers of Christ should be merciful. We do know that our heavenly Father is merciful, which is evident in and through the revelation of his Son, Jesus Christ.

The cross is our pardon in and through Jesus, upon our repentance and faith. Mediated to us through Christ and even through Christ’s body, the church. Jesus’ death is for the forgiveness of our sins; in that death atonement for our sins and for the sins of the world was made. So our forgiveness is grounded in a salvation that is in Jesus himself through his Person as the God-Human, and his saving work for us. And so our sins can be forgiven as we confess them; God being faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

There is only one way we can receive forgiveness from our guilt. We need to accept our sin for what it is. At the same time, that doesn’t mean that we air it for all to see, or allow it to beat us down. Instead we accept the fact of our guilt as well as accepting God’s forgivness through confession to God and when appropriate to each other, especially to one we sinned against. As we look forward to the day when all sin will be gone forever and true righteousness and justice will reign in the love of God through King Jesus.

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