what in the world is God doing?

When we open the pages of scripture and read through it from beginning to end, we can begin to see that God is on a great project for the world which began with Abraham and is being fulfilled in Jesus, working toward its completion. The project involves every facet of life and ends up with nothing less than new creation. The God who created all things is through Jesus in the process of making all things new. And that begins now through Jesus and the gospel, worked out in the church.

The politics of this world do matter on  certain level, and God is sovereignly at work in such in ways we often can’t understand or begin to track with. But we can begin to understand what God is doing in the world through considering his kingdom work in the church. It is redemptive through King Jesus, bringing in a kingdom destined to take over the world when King Jesus returns and heaven and earth become one in the completion of the new creation.

So the politics of this world should not befuddle us that much. It is what it is, and by nature is surely limited. But God’s kingdom work in Jesus begun in the church is another story. That work can surely impact the politics of this world, but not by ever becoming a player on the world’s political stage. It impacts the world only through being itself, what it is, God’s kingdom outpost in this world in and through Jesus.

See Allan R. Bevere’s book,The Politics of Witness: The Character of the Church in the World.

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