to meditate

Psalm 1 speaks of the blessedness of the man, really anyone, who meditates day and night on the law of the Lord, which means scripture, the written word of God. To meditate means no less than to be attentive to, to take time to be in. And in biblical terms brought out clearly in James, it means not only to listen, but do, to put into practice.

Jesus is the one through whom scripture comes alive, and scripture points to Jesus. The written word to the Word who is the reason the written word is alive. The fulfillment of the written word is in Jesus.

And so there are two emphases at play here in meditating. One is to simply be attentive, to listen and keep listening, even day and night. And the other is listening with the intent of acting, or simply put– doing what the word says. That might mean in some instances doing nothing ourselves, but waiting on God and trusting in his salvation. The key point is that God’s word pointing to the Word should make a difference, actually all the difference in our lives.

But its something we have to do, a path we have to take, a walk which speak of a life, in other words the pattern of our lives. So that all of our lives are to be lived in the context of God’s word in and through Jesus.


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