you don’t know the real me (or maybe you do)

In a way this is neither here nor there, and is rather beside the point. After all, it’s not about us as in depending on us. And whatever good we have is a gift of which we’re stewards of. Everyone is a recipient of some special gift from God, and everyone in themselves is a gift as well. So that everyone is equally special in the gift they are and have.

At the same time we’re all flawed as well. We’ve all sinnned, and we’ve all lived in patterns of sin. For those who might doubt that, do you love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind– with all your being and doing? And do you love your neighbor as yourself? We confess at our church every Sunday that we have not done so, but hopefully in the confession and forgiveness along with the cleansing which follows, we’re over time growing closer to fulfilling those ideals in becoming more and more like Jesus.

So in a sense we can understand each other since none of us are unique, sharing in the wonder of humanity, while also sharing in its flaws. Evil resides not only in others, but in ourselves as well. Yet we share in the goodness of being made in God’s image, an image which is marred and at times we might say broken because of sin. But also an image which is being restored through the perfect image of God, Jesus, even in our own humanity by grace through faith (and baptism).

Of course only God knows us through and through, plumbing the depths of us, of our hearts. God sees right through us in ways that others can’t, and certainly neither can we. We don’t really know ourselves, and yet in and through Jesus, we can begin to know ourselves through knowing God’s revelation in Jesus which shines its light on our sin, but helps us to share in that new light so that over time we are changed.

So yes, you don’t really know me. And I you, as if any of us could have a measure on others or ourselves. But in another general way we do. But in all of that, we want to get to know God in Jesus by the Spirit more and more. In so doing we will come to better understand ourselves and others. Even as we in Jesus together grow more and more into his likeness.


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