God meets us at our point of need

Moses and Aaron brought together all the elders of the Israelites, and Aaron told them everything the Lord had said to Moses. He also performed the signs before people, and they believed. And when they heard that the Lord was concerned about them and had seen their misery, they bowed down and worshiped.

Exodus 4:29-31

Over and over again in scripture, we find that God meets people at their point of need. Arguably that was even the case for the Apostle Paul in his Damascus road conversion experience. The Lord in a bright light struck him blind. And called Ananias to go to him and pray for him that he might again see and be filled with the Holy Spirit for the service to which he would be appointed (Acts 9).

When everything is going well, or life is good, we may have no sense of needing the Lord (Revelation 3:14-22). We always are to live in dependence on God and interdependence with others in Jesus. The Bible does not teach independent living, as if we can get along well by ourselves. But sin moves us that direction in which we want to call our own shots and live free of others. Instead we are to be as dependent on God as Jesus was dependent on the Father. We live by the Spirit, not by the flesh. It is not “I,” but Christ who lives in us (Galatians 2:20).

Ironically it is when we are weak that we can know the Lord’s strength in our lives (2 Corinthians 12). Of course it was while we were still sinners, that Christ died for us (Romans 5). And even in the life to come, all we are and have will be completely a gift from God. True even now, though God wants it to be so in communion with him in the Community of the Trinity together in the community of the faithful, believing in Jesus.

And so we shouldn’t shrink back from perceived weakness, or from trouble. That is where we can find God in and through Jesus all the more.


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