faith is not cheap

Of course the faith is not cheap either. It came through God’s coming as a full human being in the Son, Jesus, and in his dying on the cross for our sins. The resurrection of Jesus is a verifiable historical happening which still requires faith. Although rooted in history and arguably evident beyond reasonable doubt by today’s standards, one still is required to believe God’s word concerning it, and in doing so to put their trust in God.

What I’m thinking of today is the faith with which we who follow Jesus are required to have in that following and in accord with what scripture says. It is a faith that requires something that is beyond us, a life we wouldn’t choose on our own, or even for ourselves. In the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, we follow the one who “bids [us] come and die.”

What if faith was simply trusting God that things in our lives will go well according to our own thoughts, plans and ways. And that the only requirement is to seek to be holy, to love God and our neighbor, with the promise that when all is said and done, we will live in a blessed existence forever with the Lord. Some truth and error there, and just like life, it is much more complicated than that. Turn the pages of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation and you will begin to see that.

Faith crosses us in ways that at times make no sense at all, running against the grain of our own common sense. We think it should be such and such a way, but God wants us to trust him when either we can’t bring that way to pass, or perhaps it is a conviction that we need to let go of entirely.

The point is that God wants us to trust him as a Person, the Three Persons in One God, but God wants our trust along with our obedience. And with that is love, since God first loved us. But the point here is that we need to learn to see everything in terms of our relationship with God which impacts our relationship with others.

Faith is not cheap, but the riches we can begin to gather even in this present life are priceless. As we learn to follow our Lord both individually and together in that faith, to the glory and praise of God.


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