God’s word is personal

I have not departed from your laws,
for you yourself have taught me.

Psalm 119:102

For sure, God’s written inscripturated word is more about community than individuality, but it is still both individual and personal within a communal context. God’s word is an expression of his will. It is so in the context of the real world, in which the Bible is unabashedly set.

God’s torah is usually translated as law. It could be translated direction(s), even though it is binding in a covenantal context to God’s people. Of course in covenant, God binds himself to his people, as well. As we can see from scripture, to some extent in the passage from which the above quote is taken (click the link), God wants us, his people to learn, have and exercise discernment. God is with us to help us, but in that grace/gift, God wants us to live well as his people. But not just in any context, although the context referred to certainly includes the real world we live in. But it includes with that the kingdom of God present, now in Jesus. So that we live, not merely in the world as it is, but in the world as God would have it to be, more precisely in and as the outpost of God’s kingdom in his gracious reign in and through King Jesus on the earth. And more precisely, growing in Jesus toward more and more conformity to him.

This is all in and through Jesus who in himself and his works is the fulfillment of all of God’s promises to Israel, the foundation of that already laid, and the completion of that awaiting his return, when heaven and earth become one in him, and God’s will is truly done on earth as it is in heaven.

Until then we as God’s people continue on in his word, given personally to us so that we can see his will done more and more in our lives, and through us to the blessing of others, ultimately for the blessing of the world.


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