continuing on, come what may (in the Lord’s strength, but we still have to do it)

In and through the Lord we can continue on, come what may. Sometimes the most discomforting things in themselves hit us, with no easy answers, sometimes no answers at all. We don’t really know how to deal with a matter.

That is when all the more we need to press into what the Lord has for us, into the Lord himself, and God’s will in and through him. We can’t rely on our own wisdom and strength anyhow to carry us through. We are dependent on God’s wisdom and strength, again, with the danger of redundancy, but necessarily: the strength and wisdom in Jesus, and specifically by his cross. This power and wisdom is resident in the crucified, risen Lord (1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5). I’m reminded of the Kenyan blessing we end with each Sunday at the close of our church service:

Minister: All our problems
People: We send to the cross of Christ
Minister: All our difficulties
People: We send to the cross of Christ
Minister: All the devil’s works
People: We send to the cross of Christ
Minister: All our hopes
People: We set on the risen Christ

The Lord gives us the needed strength and wisdom that is beyond ourselves to carry on. But we must do it. God won’t do it for us. Perhaps God’s love compels us, he somehow acts to compel us and the circumstances and demands of life press in on us, causing us to do what we must. We need to get comfortable in a manner of speaking in living outside of our comfort zone. It is good when we actually are comfortable, but in this life that is more or less short lived. I look at such times, especially vacations in which the troubles of life seem to be gone or temporarily largely forgotten, as special gifts from God.

It is important to emphasize that it’s not in our own strength and wisdom that we can continue on, but only in the Lord and in his strength and wisdom. At the same time we have to emphasize that we must carry on. Actually both are equally important, even though the latter is dependent on the former.

That means I’ll be in the word and prayer, or better put will continue in the word and prayer day after day. But all the more when faced with some difficulty that is in my face, a trial, or whatever it is we’re facing in this present life which someday much sooner than later in the large scheme of things will be gone and replaced with the life to come, when this old world will be replaced by the new world in and through King Jesus. Part of preparing for that “life after life after death” (see N. T. Wright) is to learn to grow through the sometimes difficult maze of this life through seeking the wisdom and strength God is ready to give us in and through Jesus.


One comment on “continuing on, come what may (in the Lord’s strength, but we still have to do it)

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