we must, yes— but it all depends on God

Yesterday I made the point in the post that we are responsible to live in this new life in Jesus, that God won’t do it for us. That being said, for this new life to be lived at all, the new life in Jesus, it all depends on God.

What we are referring to is not either religious sentiment or feeling, but truth from God which is also historical in the resurrection of Jesus into a new sphere, in nothing less than new creation. Yes, belief in the resurrection of Jesus is both historical and rational, but it is also super rational in that it requires faith in God’s word and in his person. One can make a good case, in fact a solid case, by our standards “beyond reasonable doubt” when examining the account of the resurrection in the New Testament (see especially the four gospel accounts: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).

From there we accept an interpretation of the event as part and parcel of the gospel, by faith. It is in terms of the good news promised to Israel for the world and fulfilled in Jesus. It’s as big as all creation in terms of new creation. God’s promises and his acts are in regard to that. God’s word is couched in that context, so that it is active in terms of the gospel.

And so while we have to be committed to following on, come what may, the only way we will be able to live in, as well as live out this new life in Jesus is through God’s ongoing salvation and work. In my slow meditation through the psalms, I thought this point was evident in the psalm which I think I’ve seen entitled in the past: “In Praise of God’s Word,” Psalm 119. And it is evident throughout all of scripture.

If we think it depends on us, our faith is misplaced. At the same time it is still up to us to live in this salvation, in this new life God provides in and through his Son, Jesus. But the new life is from God for us. Certainly not from us. It all depends on God, and God is faithful. This all coming to us in and through Jesus.


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