sharing in the sufferings of this world

There is much grief, suffering and pain worldwide, found in nearly every corner. Live long enough and you will be touched with something which will not leave you unchanged, at least in bearing something of the scars from it, for life.

We need to be those who simply seek to be near to those who are suffering and are in pain. And the pain we experience ourselves can help us not only accept the pain of others, not despising it, but it can also help us to empathize more fully with them, something not far removed from the way the Lord can emphathize with us since he partook of our humble humanity (apart from sin) and knows full well what it means to be human, tempted in every way as we are, in his case (unlike ours) without sin.

Just because we’ve not experienced the same thing, doesn’t mean that we can’t seek to identify with those who are hurting and in whatever way possible be present with them. We need to do so with our entire being and doing, with good works which accompany our concern. Perhaps we’re caught up short, not knowing what we can do, but we can always pray, which after all, ought to be our first response. And when we don’t know what or how to pray, the Spirit’s help can be all the more evident, since we’re promised his help when we are at a loss to know what to say (Romans 8:26-27).

In following Jesus we’re to be present with others in their joys, in the every day mundaneness of life, and especially in their griefs. Even as our God by the Spirit in and through Jesus is always with us. Seeking to help others know and experience something of the comfort and help we’ve received in Jesus.



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