God’s light in Jesus

The star that the Magi saw rise, which they identified as the star of the one born King of the Jews has been the source of speculation as to exactly what it was. There was some heavenly light (angelic?) that could be seen, guiding them to the light of the world himself, Jesus.

Of course there were all sorts of lights in the sky, probably the Magi seeing a multitude of stars in galactic space. But this was a distinguished and distinguishing light. There was something about it which went beyond the mere observation of the light itself. They were led through that light to the one to whom they would bow down and worship (Matthew 2:1-12).

The heavens are telling of the glory of God, but there is one in  whom the light of God’s glory shines the most, and in a distinctive way: the Christ Child, the Messiah, King Jesus the Lord. In this dark world, in large part our own darkness can eclipse the light at least to ourselves. We need the light of God’s love and life which brings the one hope for us and for the world. So that the darkness in us can eventually be displaced by that light, and so that the same light in us may point others to the one who himself is the light and Savior of the world.


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