keep on walking: faith

One of the key aspects of faith is its manner: in scripture it is likened to a walk. Of course, it’s not “a walk in the park,” as in an easy thing. Faith is a walk which we would never do left on our own. Essentially because the faith by which we’re walking is faith in another person: Christ. We can say also faith in God through Christ. We are not relying on ourselves, and that’s a hard sell for human nature, and certainly not a part of our culture. Self-reliance has been a staple of many a culture, and selling one’s self is a key part of ours.

To trust in someone else, even in God in and through Jesus seems good on paper and in theory, and maybe in at least some token form is easily professed when times are good and everything is normal. But throw in a problem or two, and one begins to see just what kind of faith they really have, where one’s faith actually lies, and its depth.

Faith at its heart is a commitment. We are committed to following through in the faith we profess and better yet, confess. We do so one step at a time, through the most difficult places, as well as during the good times. We can be sure that trouble is just around the corner, and that we’re not above some major trial.

And so, whatever we are to encounter today, whatever needs to be done, let’s do it with a faith committed to God and God’s will in and through Jesus. Looking to God to direct our steps, and learning to rest in that, as we seek to keep our eyes focused on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.

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