it’s more complicated than that

I used to be rather mocked when in gatherings I would point out the complexity of problems. And in keeping with that thought, I think there was some justification in the criticism, which I think I largely avoid now by being more or less silent, or accentuating my agreement with others.

I distrust easy answers, no matter where they come from, and find life more like an ongoing process, rather than an arrival in which one thinks they have their ducks lined up in a row for an easy killing.

Life lived tends this direction, I think, and the Bible read mirrors that. It tells a story which often leaves one with more questions than answers. Evidently that’s the way God wants it to be, so that, yes, we keep going back to the Bible as God’s word, day after day, but we become more dependent on God himself in and through Christ.

As we go on in life, year piling on year becoming decades, in a sense we know more, but in that knowledge, in another sense we know less. It’s a realization which more and more dawns on us. Along with the growing faith in God’s promise in Jesus, that all will be well in the end, that the one who does know, is the one to whom we can turn and entrust ourselves, our loved ones, even the world, completely.


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