“May the Lord’s will be done.”

When he would not be dissuaded, we gave up and said, “The Lord’s will be done.”

Acts 21:14

The longer I go in life, the more I want to think, and actually probably do think in these terms: “May the Lord’s will be done.”

Such a thought and consideration doesn’t mean that no one is active, and that we’re all sitting by just waiting for God’s will to be revealed or come about. In the case of the scripture quoted above, some believers, with good reason, we’re trying to persuade Paul not to go to Jerusalem. One had even prophesied that he would have certain trouble there. Paul replied that he was ready for such, even for death itself for the sake of the Lord Jesus. So he was evidently moved and certainly moving so that something of God’s will would take place.

It’s a mistake to think that God’s will is achieved in a vaccum. It is rather in relationship to and interactivity with people. It is part of how God makes himself known in Jesus. God’s will in Jesus isn’t confined to this, but in significant measure is made known to us as we seek to live out what we understand of it. We have God’s promise in Jesus that God will help us to know his will as we endeavor to live in it, in and through Jesus.

But regardless of our experience, “May the Lord’s will be done.”



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