no matter what: God is faithful

God is faithful. We can put that in bold letters, and bank on it. In this life we are faced with all kinds of problems, many imagined perhaps over legitimate concerns and more than enough that are real. In the end, no matter what, God is faithful. We have snippets of that promise in various passages, but we need to read the entire Bible, and if need be to get to the heart of the promise for today- start with the New Testament. The promise is present directly  and indirectly in the warp and woof of what is written.

How we think about things, one’s theology certainly plays an important role in our emotions and even in how we live. It is easy to always be expecting the worst. And if it isn’t one problem in this life, then it’s another. Life in this present existence could be seen as living from one problem to the next, problem solving, and learning to live well with certain problems which simply won’t go away.

We have to hold on to God’s promise in and through Jesus, and in so doing, even in the weakness of our small, wavering faith, if we set ourselves in that path, we’ll find that God is holding on to us and helping us through, even at times seemingly carrying us, in and through Jesus.

Difficulties which come and go, as well as remain are here to stay in this life. The question becomes just what and really, who are we counting on to see us through? Ourselves, or something, even someone else? God’s promise to us in Jesus takes care of everything, even when not every problem is easily, if at all resolved in this life. God will see us through. We simply need to trust him for that. As we look forward to the day when all troubles will be gone forever in the new world to come in and through Jesus.


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