At the nursing home, a dear brother who has an alive, ongoing witness, and wants to do much more, but is losing the normal use of his body, his arms and hands seem to be getting worse, sang me a song as I was leaving on praying, the importance of praying. I was impressed as receiving from him a word to me by the Spirit from the Lord.

We in Jesus should all want to grow in prayer. None of us arrive in this life on anything, and it’s been well said that we always come to God as a beginner, like a child I would like to think, when it comes to prayer. Not that accumulated knowledge from scripture, and wisdom from life’s experiences counts for nothing.

There are always special needs going on, sometimes a markedly critical time. That is when we should give ourselves to prayer all the more. And we ask for the prayers of others. But life itself should be bathed or steeped in prayer. We should become more and more those who breathe prayer in between what else we have to think and do during a day. And again, especially giving ourselves exclusively to prayer insofar as that’s possible during a critical time.

And so I hope to be among those who are especially in prayer during this time. For so many needs around us, not to mention personal concerns, and issues at large important in God’s ongoing work in the world. Pray. Yes, I wish I could hear that song again, I take it, from the Spirit from my dear brother. Lord again, “Teach me to pray.” And “Help me to grow in praying.”


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