faith continues to move on in God’s will

Of course there is a time to be still and know that God is God, to wait on and learn to be responsive to God. Solitude, stillness and silence have their place. And this surely includes the community of the faithful, as well as individual believers. But by and by we must continue to move on in God’s will, what we perceive of it, regardless of how we feel, or what we may be up against. Faith continues to move on in God’s will, come what may, in all its weakness, struggle, and yes, even doubt. We try to get all the help we can along the way: the prayers of friends, breakthroughs in our own lives through the impasse. But when it seems nothing has changed, we must continue on.

Jesus knew his end with the new beginning was near. It wasn’t easy, as we read in the gospels, what he went through on Holy Week. It was nothing less than the way of the cross, the way of suffering and death in God’s will. Of course through that came the glorious resurrection life, full of joy and peace in the love of God. We in Jesus, partakers of the resurrection life even here and now, but unlike him, not yet glorified, are called to deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Jesus, by the Spirit to follow his example. Right through the jaws of the enemy, not that we don’t seek to be wise in the face of danger. But of course our battle is spiritual. So that we can’t let the worst of that stop us from simply continuing on. God will help us; all is dependent on God’s grace in Jesus anyhow.

It’s not a matter of God’s grace and human effort, but of God’s grace alone through which humans can make the effort needed. There are times when we have to count on that grace and move on. Yes, in the face of not only the enemy, but of personal defeat and sin. God’s grace knows no bounds. God is not only ready to forgive, but to cleasnse, as we confess our sin to him, and help us go on in his will. Even as Jesus did to the very end, for our salvation and the salvation of the world.


One comment on “faith continues to move on in God’s will

  1. If we’re in the “Jesus Community” and we want to be “In God’ will”, we should know which commandment is the Most Important One according to Jesus, shouldn’t we?

    If we have ears to hear, we can listen to the voice of Jesus telling us (speaking in complete consecutive sentences, not sentence fragments) which one is the Most Important One, quoting the Law of Moses, Deuteronomy 6. No it isn’t “Love” or “Love your neighbor.” Try Matthew 22 & Mark 12

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