Easter: a new beginning

Our celebration of Easter was about as solemn as such a celebration could be, since this was the last Sunday of Prince of Peace Anglican Church in Grand Rapids. Father Michael Cupp shared with us something of the work that God has done through this church. Originally the Cupps planned to move to the Grand Rapids area, but the possibility never materialized, which was difficult for the church plant. That said, being a part of this Anglican church plant was for me in the short two years we were there, a formative time for me.

Father Michael Cupp is a good priest, and I pray that in God’s time, he’ll settle into the same role closer to where they live. That opportunity is already open for him, but they will see how the Lord leads and what they want to do at this time.

The resurrection of our Lord was indeed a new beginning of what had been a gruesome, horrible end. We were reminded that out of Christ’s death comes the resurrection life. God used the humble work of Prince of Peace in ways far beyond what one would think or imagine. We were witnesses in a poorer neighborhood of God in Christ with the goal of helping God help others. In that process the church made a good number of contacts. We can’t discount any of that, God surely doing much more than can be seen in sowing the seeds of eternal life in the hearts of others, even as God does. And it was a formative time for still others as well, including one who is now a priest, Father Robert Cornelison, with a new work in Grand Rapids, St. James Anglican Mission, set to begin a new church plant beginning mid-May. So out of the work of Prince of Peace Anglican in part, comes this new work, this new beginning in and through the resurrection of Christ.

The Cupps will be missed, but I’m sure God has a special work for them in the days and years to come. In the end we in our Lord are all united in him through his death and resurrection as a witness to the world of the good news of God in him. The Cupps will always be a part of us, and will be in our hearts and prayers. As we all together seek to be faithful in the grace that is ours from the Father through the Son and by the Holy Spirit. As we witness to God’s ongoing work of grace in bringing in the kingdom through Jesus our Lord.


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