enough is enough

Sometimes I find myself being victimized in a rather passive state. The enemy’s working is quite subtle and they hook you in and keep you on as long as possible. In ways which you don’t recognize. Although hopefully through such experiences, one can begin to recognize them more and more.

I find that at certain points, it’s almost like I awaken and when I do, I don’t care anymore what my experience is, as it begins to dawn on me that there is something greater, even a greater good than what has taken over and gotten the best of me.

That is when I finally find myself putting my foot down with the resolution that enough is enough. And in doing that, I’m assuming a posture of standing firm in resistance to the enemy, of course referring to the spiritual enemy and spiritual warfare (Ephesians 6:10-20).

I remember Dr. Ted S. Rendall at Prairie Bible Institute telling us that the Christian life could be likened to the old three legged stool people used to commonly use to sit on while milking cows. One leg could stand for being a servant, another a soldier, and one can say the ultimate one would be a son or daughter of God in God’s family. But all three are necessary at all times in our life in Christ.

I am hoping that I will do better in avoiding such episodes in the future. Particularly falling into some long, drawn out malaise which takes much of the life and step, indeed the heart out of one. And that even during such difficult times, I would learn to draw better from the Lord in knowing from his all sufficient grace in my weakness, his strength.


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