stewarding thorns

Sharon Brown along with her husband Jack have been a blessing in the Lord to us for a good number of years. We were blessed yesterday at Redeemer Covenant Church to hear Jack’s teaching and sharing on how to process change in terms of the inevitable grieving process we go through, in terms of lament. With a good follow-up to that from one of the teachers there, Shallini Bennett. Rich, powerful, life-changing stuff.

But if that wasn’t enough, Sharon, after she got home on Sunday from the conference in Toronto discovered that her plenary address was available online, and already. So I sat down, and Deb and I took it in. Her talk in my mind actually coalesces quite well with what had preceeded in the morning.

To listen to it, a bit over an hour, is well worth the time. I plan to listen to it again, and seek to process what is being said, particularly over the thorns of life as spoken of by Paul in 2 Corinthians.

Thorns seem to choke our fruitfulness. But in this context they actually, oddly enough, promote such fruitfulness. As in prayer, we work through dealing with them, even as Paul did. And learn to accept that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness, that the Lord’s grace is sufficient for us even there. And that out of this, Christ’s power can rest on us.

Listen to Sharon here. Much richer than what I just said, and more related to humility with reference to ourselves. The true humility: we can’t, but God can, versus the false humility: we can’t and we’re down and out. How would we react if Jesus wanted to wash our dirty feet, and what about the washing of others’ feet, who may be thorns to us, themselves? Some of my own words here, mixed with Sharon’s, so as not to misrepresent her.

Important teaching for me, for us all. And along with that I need to process the thoughts on the thorns, which I have never seen this way, and not in this depth before.


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