agreeing with the devil (good sometimes)

Some people may not see any need to what in their minds is to invoke an old vestige of the past. In our modern Enlightenment society we can easily explain all of that away, but in many societies in the world such as we find in Africa, the people not only have no trouble with such a belief, but know all too well the awful power and reality of it. But in a way, for the point of this post, this is rather beside the point. Whatever the issue that is sidetracking us from God and God’s will in Jesus (God is spirit too, in essential Being), we can be rest assured if we so choose to not just believe in our heads, but act out that belief.

That means, whatever our obsession to fear or anxiety, we can simply accept that, and leave it in God’s hands, as if we have nothing to fear or be worried about. In that way we can so to speak let go of it. But in doing so, it’s not like we can be done with it ourselves. I speak from too many years of experience. Letting go of it means by faith to entrust it to God, knowing there’s nothing we can do ourselves to relieve ourselves from the obsession. Once we’ve done the basic research on a given matter online in this day of the information age, focusing our thoughts and activities elsehwhere, which for me bascially means the word of God and prayer. Along with a healthy dose of work, sometimes maybe a bit too healthy. Ha.

Of course the goal of the enemy is to steal, kill and destroy, while the Lord’s goal is that we may have life, and have it to the full (or as traditionally rendered, more abundantly). I believe this is an important, essential aspect of what is needed, especially for some of us who are prone to obsession (what they call, obsessive compulsive disorder, though I don’t know much about that) over real and mostly imagined dangers or threats to life and well being.

In my case what surely is a bent of mind from over practice for many years, as well as, I believe, a volley of sorts from the spiritual enemy, I am finding quite disruptive lately. But good can come out of this, as I simply agree with what might be true in the fears, and by faith turn all of that over to God, as if it’s not my concern at all, in and through Jesus.


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