the stress and strain of it all

There are times when life seems like it is crashing in on us. When at least some of the most difficult problems imaginable are realities. And when death itself might seem better than life.

Where can we turn except to the Lord? Even when life seems to have reached the end, and we with it. When there is not only no end to the problems, but they are becoming worse.

This can be a time of special prayer to God. When we keep bringing something to God again and again and again, without stopping. Knowing God will answer, even if, and probably indeed not as we would guess, or perhaps desire. But with the goal of desiring God’s will, which in the end is good.

Do we believe in God? And do we believe in God no matter what? Do we trust in God’s provision and salvation for us and for others?

These are important questions. I might say to the Lord in the words of the struggling father so many years ago: “Lord, I do believe. Help me overcome my unbelief!”

And we keep praying and listening and praying.

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