through uncertain times, God is faithful

God is at work in the world, not necessarily in causing this or that, but more in judging what the nations and people do. The nature of this life involves change, and not always for the better. Somehow in and even through it all, God is at work in judgment and even justice, though admittedly the latter seems all too lacking at times. We think of evil regimes and terrorists organizations. But we also, at the same time need to be looking in the mirror ourselves, since the nations we inhabit might well be at least complicit with some of the evil that has happened and is ongoing. So that to say such and such is evil, and our nation is not is simply wrong.

More than ever, we need to major on what God in Jesus majors on: the politic of the church presenting to the world the rudimentary yet real beginning of the new order to come when heaven and earth become one at the reappearing of King Jesus. The church is all about living out that future kingdom in and through King Jesus right in this present time. Yes, in rudimentary, but in real form just the same.

That is where our focus as those in Jesus needs to be politically. No matter how well things may seem to be going in the politics of the nation, or of the world, we have misplaced confidence, if our focus and stress is on that.

At the same time we can and should speak for what is good anywhere, and contribute our voice as we can for what we see as best or better with reference to the politics of this world. So that our emphasis on the gospel does not at all mean that we have no interest in the good of our nation, or of the world, or the outworking of that.

God is King over all. We can rest assured in that, no matter what the future might bring. In the end God’s will will be done, and God’s kingdom will come. In and through Jesus.


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