my goal for the rest of my life

Life is not about any of us; it is really about God and God’s will in and through Jesus by the blessed Holy Spirit. And God’s love for the world made not only known by, but that reality shared for the final salvation, which begins by faith now. It’s about Jesus, and God’s love and will in him.

We in Jesus are witnesses to this good news/gospel of God in him. In a most direct, literal sense, the witnesses in scripture are the apostles who were with Jesus and witnessed both his death and resurrection, seeing the Lord for 40 days after his resurrection, eating and drinking with him before his ascension to heaven. And all who follow in that train, witnessing to this good news in the power of the Spirit to the ends of the earth.

In a secondary, yet very real sense, we in Jesus are witnesses to the same, maybe not so much through proclamation as the apostles and those who carried and carry on that apostolic work right to the present. But mainly through how we live, and what we are living for, and what, if necessary, we are willing to die for. As well as sharing the reason for the hope we have to anyone who might ask us.

I was hoping for this and that, but these things have never materialized. So my desire now, is simply to be a witness to the good news, in whatever ways God has for me, the rest of my days. To hopefully by God’s grace live well in it myself, through all the difficulties and spiritual battles. To certainly do so in the communion of the church through scripture and the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper/Communion, as well as through the past sacrament upon which we live our lives through Christ, baptism.

I want to be a simple witness to the gospel, and to how that gospel might impact in its light all people, and all things in this world. I know in so doing, I am greatly limited in every way. And yet God’s word in Jesus, the good news is the power and wisdom of God for the salvation of the world through the proclamation of God’s grace and kingdom come in Jesus. Through God’s incarnation in the Son, and his life, teaching, death and resurrection, he fulfills God’s calling to Israel for the world, bringing in the reign of God through the gospel and the church. We are each a part of that. And together a witness to the world, a light from the light of the world, Jesus.

And so, that is my hope and prayer. I have a good wife who is a witness in the same way in her own right and special, unique God-given way. And together in communion with the church, we want to go on as witnesses of all that God is doing and promises to do in and through Jesus.

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