true north

There are those times when there seems to be so much confusion and it’s hard for one to get their bearings. I think of the world today, actually this week. Two African Amercian men gunned down by police in what appears to be obvious cases of police misconduct and racial prejudice. And then the sniper killing of five Dallas police officers at the end of a peaceful demonstration. The rift in our nation needs to be addressed, tearing at its very heart. And I read in Russia, that Vladimir Putin and the Russian assembly is putting into law a measure which radically restricts Christian activity, essentially outlawing it except for designated places of worship, the exception being the Russian Orthodox Church. Again, back here, the divisiveness and deplorable tone of the presidential election campaign. And then we can go into our own worlds, with the questions and trauma that can bring.

What we have to wait patiently for, first for ourselves, and then for the world at large, is what is first and foremost when all is said and done, what will bring sense and meaning and the needed corrections to it all, the true north, the gospel, meaning good news of Jesus Christ. Yes, we go to scripture and to the church for that good news, but it’s essentially the good news, this gospel, which is front and center, and the one thing first of all which we need, and which all the world needs along with us.

Of course God gives humankind many more things, many good things. And we often turn those things into idols, for our own pleasure. But God’s goodness to us is meant to lead us to repentance. We need to stop, look and listen. Trusting that, come what may, God’s good news in Jesus will prevail.


4 comments on “true north

  1. Ron Boyer says:

    Good Word! Just return to True North!

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