offering ourselves and what little we have to the Lord

“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?”

John 6:9

None of this should be about any of us. When I first began blogging on my first blog (on Blogger) around ten years ago, I never mentioned myself. But a writer friend encouraged me to begin writing about myself, sharing something of my own struggles and story. Since I respect her writing and wisdom, I began to do so. And scripture itself warrants this kind of thinking, since we see characters such as Paul sharing something of their own struggles and story over and over again. But strictly speaking, it’s most definitely not about us. We are not the center, but the Lord is the center. We are in and a part of the story, though.

It’s easy for me to think I’m receiving little or nothing from the Lord, and really have nothing to share that will be helpful to anyone. That is not the only reason I write a blog. I do so for my own sake, kind of a time to gather thoughts before the Lord, and perhaps sift them, and try to find something of the Lord’s own thoughts in all of that.

We first of all offer ourselves to the Lord, just as the little boy of old did through Jesus’ disciples. And then we offer whatever we have along with that. And then the Lord can transform the gift and make it a blessing to a multitude.

I am tempted sometimes to quit, and start something new, maybe just be quiet. But part of what I do, maybe a larger part than I might imagine, is to aspire to writing, and writers write. It is something they do whether they feel like it or not. And if I went on feelings, I would wander aimlessly off somewhere and sit down and do next to nothing except drink my coffee with an occasional beer. And read, yes, primarily my Bible. Or maybe let my mind wander off to oblivion. Ha.

We offer ourselves and all we have to the Lord. Somehow the Lord takes that, and we might say breaks it, and makes it a blessing to others. That is what I hope and pray will be true of my own life, first for my family, and then for those around me, and also for any reader of this blog. All to the praise and honor and glory of our Savior and Lord, from the Father by the Spirit.


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