the politic to which we in Jesus belong

Whether we realize it or not, we in Jesus already belong within a political sphere, and it’s not from this world or of this world, but it’s for this world. It’s not the politics of any nation-state, in the case of the United States, neither left, nor right, nor center. It is solely in the sphere of God’s grace and kingdom come in Jesus.

People tend to think that the gospel is not political. But the good news in Jesus is not only about our reconcilation to God through Christ, and through that to each other. But it’s as big as all of life. Read the Old/First and New/Final Testament, read the entire Bible, and you’ll see that this is true. The good news in Jesus is about and for all of life, definitely beyond the individual emphasis we unhealthily, as those of the modern west put on it. And it’s more than just one’s experience with God, as important as that is.

It’s not like we or others can’t somehow participate in a political process of this world as in voting, or even serving in some governmental sphere. But when we do so, we must proceed with much caution and prayer, because this is a realm of both God’s sovereignty and to some extent Satan’s control, being immeshed in what scripture calls “the world,” “the flesh,” and “the devil.”

The political sphere in which we in Jesus lives is from the gospel lived out in its beginning in the church, and meant for the world in all kinds of ways, both for the present and in anticipation of the future and God’s fulfillment of his promises in Christ.

And so let’s beware of thinking that politics is confined to a nation-state, or the governments of this world, as important as they are in their place. We in Jesus live in a politic which supercedes and transcends all, that is which is on a higher plane, yet is meant for the good of all. Through Christ which means through death and resurrection. Through the way of the cross, and out of that living sacrificially in God’s love for the poor, oppressed and helpless. As we offer to them the same good news in Jesus, in itself the power of God destined to judge and save and take over the world when Jesus returns.


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