God’s faithfulness in the inevitable upheaval of life

Right now in the United States, there is surely one of the most contentious elections ever, people up in arms on both sides- frustrated, and thinking something of the world will end if so and so gets elected, or at least that it will be bad, to say the least. I too share in something of that concern. And there’s the ongoing difficulties and occasional trials which we all face. Oftentimes first-world problems for us, but even those of the first-world sometimes face situations which seem life threatening to some extent, and at least possibly life-changing in ways which are not desirable, or necessarily good. And we look at the world today: There seems to be a move more toward an isolationist mindset, which can make the scene ripe for dictators to step in and take over. Everyone wants easy, quick answers to difficult problems which either don’t go away, or crop up again, after supposedly being nipped in the bud.

What do we in Jesus need to count on, and keep counting on as long as life lasts, and  beyond- not only in the world to come, but in this world for our loved ones and for everyone else (which we’re to love, too, as neighbors) who is left behind? God’s faithfulness, that’s what. We need to count on the reality that God is going to be faithful, come what may, and God is present to see everyone and everything through to a good end, even through the worst and most challenging of times.

Everything good comes from God: the measure of health that we have, the basics for life, the enjoyment of life, the wonder of creation, etc. Of course we don’t rest easy because many don’t share in the same blessings we have. Rife injustice is seen in such evil as human trafficking, along with a host of other evils. What we have to count on in all of this, not just for us, but for others is the faithfulness of God. Which means that we are to pray, and act in ways that might be God’s answer to our prayer, counting on God’s faithfulness to us and to the world in and through Jesus.

The key to God’s faithfulness is in Jesus. The Father sent the Son into the world, and the Spirit is sent by the Father through the Son. We are not alone: God is present in Jesus. Other things people place their confidence in come and go over time. A danger can be when an institution goes on and is so successful, so that people put their confidence in that, rather than in the God from whose faithfulness every good gift/thing comes. We rest assured on one reality for sure, whatever else may happen: God is faithful. God will deliver us from all evil, and in the end deliver the world from that as well, and bring us and everything else through judgment and salvation in Jesus safely into his heavenly kingdom. We can count on that.