living in a messy world

I am not sure that there’s really anything in this world which doesn’t at the very least have some loose ends, and even if it seems in order, will not live out its time, or will be shown to not measure up in some way. We live in a messy, messed up world, in which even the good is normally tainted with something not so good. In which even our best efforts miss something.

That is hard and an adjustment for us who in some way or degree are perfectionists and want everything in order as much as possible. Those of us who want to play by the rules, and meet every obligation, do well to think and try to live that way. The older I get, the more I come to realize that the best one can do is simply to do one’s best. And even more importantly, the need always and forever of God’s grace to forgive us when in spite of our best efforts, we fall short.

We live in a broken, incomplete world, impacted by evil along with our own fallibility. That doesn’t mean we should excuse ourselves, and not try to do what is well and good, not at all. But it does mean we can relax in the realization that life is messy, and that even our best fixing of it, will somehow fall short.

Our one and only hope is in the Lord, and God’s promises in him. Somehow God will take our inevitably incomplete efforts, and complete them for good out of this old creation in the new creation in Jesus. The good work God has begun won’t be completed until then. So that we will look in vain, if we’re trying to find absolute perfection now. That is found only in Jesus, and in Jesus alone. As we await the day when at last everything will somehow be in order and complete in and through him.