seeing in a Jesus way

There are all kinds of ways to look at things, which we might label accordingly, but which at times may defy any known category at all. Basic in this is the supposed objective take, as if someone can see even anything in a way in which only God can see it. In reality such an objectivity is subject to all the limitations of the viewer.

And so we do well to temper whatever thoughts we have on so many things with the utmost humility. A humility which doesn’t give up in trying to work through something so as to better understand it. But is open to further input for a better understanding which at times, probably many times, and nearly inevitably over time will result in a revision of what we previously thought.

What we in Jesus need to work on and keep working on is the effort to begin to see things more and more with Jesus and what one might call gospel-centered eyes. Instead of American, or Democratic, or Republican, or Libertarian, or Progressive, or whatever. Not that we can escape seeing things from our cultural perspective. That’s a given, we will, with all the limitations and biases which go with it. In fact Paul even tried to be “all things to all people, so that by all possible means, [he] might save some” through the gospel (1 Corinthians 9).

Seeing in a Jesus way means seeing people with the goal of Jesus which brings people to Jesus to ultimately begin to become like Jesus together with other Jesus followers. It is gospel-centered, no less. Our passion shouldn’t be to get the world, even our world to think the way we do, which in itself is anything but foolproof. Our passion instead should be to help ourselves and others see the beauty of the good news of God, which is in Jesus. And to begin to experience the transformation that beauty brings, through the gospel itself, and the obedience of faith which is to accompany it.

The gospel alone is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, a salvation which is ultimately transformational in every respect, beginning with how we view others and the world. As we begin in and through Jesus to see with the eyes of Jesus, a view which includes ourselves and excludes no one. The one view we can count on to not only make more sense of the world, but to ultimately bring the world to its senses according to God’s good will in Jesus.