an anxious foreboding

It is good for those who really don’t have all that much to worry about, at least materially speaking. They are well set; the Lord has provided for them well beyond their needs, so that any problems they encounter, they can get fixed. For many of the rest of us, everything is much tighter, so that luxuries are indeed luxuries. Part of the problem for us in a first world country is that we live with first world expectations, which sometimes due to setbacks in employment, or whatever may be the case, can’t be maintained. The overhead we end up having to maintain to survive is actually unnecessary in and of itself. If there was one thing among other important things I might tell a young person, or a young couple, it would be to seek simplicity in life which includes looking for the most basic, cost-effective way of living. That can free one up to give much more, and actually enjoy more as well.

That said, an anxious foreboding about what lies ahead is not foreign to any of us. Job expressed this, a man who had great wealth and was esteemed for his wisdom:

What I feared has come upon me;
    what I dreaded has happened to me.

Job 3:25

Scripture is full of honest, struggling people. And we need to grapple with all of it as we seek to go on, that is all of scripture along with all of our own experiences and thoughts. Of course the gospel is the heart of scripture, but all of it is written with details to instruct and encourage us, and to give us endurance and hope.

We need the basics: prayer and God’s word, along with the fellowship or communion of the church in the gospel. A little bit of that goes a long way, but it has to be faithfully followed over time, at least that should be our commitment. Sure, in our weakness we’ll have some breaches and falling out here and there at least as a rule for most of us, certainly to some extent true of myself.

What lies ahead may be challenging, and most certainly for everyone in some way or another will be. But that ends up being the opportunity for us to latch on to the God in and through Jesus who promises to see us through, not according to our own will, desires, or thoughts, but according to God’s will in Jesus. The end is the gospel which takes all of creation into the new creation in and through Jesus, into the eternal life of communion together with the Triune God.

The storm will subside, the clouds will break, and the sun will reappear, and once again brighten up the day, and our lives. What we need to do is hold on in faith, knowing that in the end it is God’s faithfulness in Jesus which holds on to us, and through which everything will be more than okay in the end. In and through Jesus.

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