looking for God’s hand/moving in one’s life

Yesterday in our team devotions, the chaplain who regularly leads them asked us to write down on a space specified for that on the handout, three ways we have seen God move in our lives. One of the team members asked if we had to settle for three, that they had more and more that they could tell about all day. And when their turn came to share one of the ways (this person was nearly bursting at the seams) they confined themselves to a quite unusual miraculous way in which God used them, just one of the many in their lives.

I initially sat there, quite tired, well spent from the work week and insufficient sleep of the night before, and hardly knowing what I would or could share, even though in my head I knew better. But my heart didn’t let my head see well at all. So that I might have next to little or nothing to say except that we know God is at work in our lives for good in and through Jesus. But I found the realization begin to awaken in me of just how much I really am aware, but in terms that wouldn’t be considered miraculous, or a personal boon and blessing. Probably occuring through the witness of my teammate I just mentioned along with the rest. Of course in Jesus we’re blessed to be a blessing.

As I listened to each one recount, it seeemed like the end of the time was going to cut me off, since I was last in the way the order was done, indeed the one before me, the chaplain said, would end it. But after his interesting story and the chaplain’s response, he looked at me almost as an afterthought saying I should say something, but that it would have to be quick. I was ready.

I expressed how nearly every day I’m aware of God’s moving in my life, and in the face and perhaps one can say even through the difficult challenges we’re currently facing and have been up against for some time. And how Bill Crowder of Our Daily Bread Ministries where I work (and of which I am a part of, even if it’s on the factory end) gave a most encouraging as well as convicing message the day before in our weekly chapel time on Leah (Genesis 29, 49), and how God is with the broken, and blesses the broken, how really every one and every family is broken. How we are all in great need.

Of course we daily have to remind ourselves and each other of God’s hand in our lives. This time in team devotions was a good exercise in us doing that. There most certainly is no end to it as we can see from the pages of scripture itself, sometimes miraculous, yes, but most often (at least for me) in the seemingly ordinary and mundane nuts and bolts of life. We need to look for God’s hand with the sanctified imagination of a faith that is formed and thus informed by the faith, the good news in Jesus, seen in the pages of scripture, and every day in our lives in and through Jesus.