owning our brokenness

Recently one of my favorite preachers/speakers, Bill Crowder echoed a theme from Elisa Morgan, who along with Mart DeHaan are the regular people on Discover the Word. In a recent message in our chapel at Our Daily Bread Ministries, in a wonderful message on Leah (Genesis 29, 49), he mentioned how there is no person or family that is not broken. How we’re all broken.

That is not a part of the American pysche. Wasn’t there a film entitled Unbroken, which for all its good points (I am going on what others have said since I didn’t see it) shows an American value, indeed staple of what allegedly makes America great? Depending on what one means, there may be plenty of truth in that. But it could exclude a brokenness that we as humans not only need to own in acknowledging that it’s true about us, but correctly speaking, need to embrace, as well.

None of us have it altogether, in fact we all share in the brokenness of sin, being alienated from God and from each other. To be human in essence is to be in relationship, reflecting God who is in inherent communion as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we are made for relationship, for knowing and being known. And for living in harmony with creation which itself is broken, and along with us in and through Jesus, awaits the fullness and completion of the new creation.

In the meantime we do well to own up to and embrace our brokenness, through confession of our sin, and also through acceptance of our weaknesses, just as Paul learned to accept his weaknesses through the thorn in the flesh, even the messenger of Satan which he received, and which God wonderously used (2 Corinthians 12). It is never about us, and about us having it all together. In fact we have nothing all together at all. Not to say that the Lord isn’t working in us to move us toward wholeness in him, because that most certainly is the case. But to say that along with others, we too are broken, and still in need of God’s salvation in Jesus. In and through Jesus we were saved, are being saved, and finally will be saved. This post is simply to remind us that this is an inevitable part of who we are, and of our witness to the faith. We can share with others how God is meeting us in our ongoing need, part of our witness of the power of the gospel in Jesus in the grace and salvation that gospel brings.