flashes of insight

There are times when some needed light of truth flashes into our consciousness to help us see something we either didn’t see well before, or see at all. And such insight occurs in the context of life to help us live well in the way of Jesus.

Surely God grants such to all of humankind, but especially so to those who have the indwelling Holy Spirit through faith in Christ. And it’s a reminder of not only the light we can receive, but the darkness in which we can dwell. Although for the believer, the follower of Jesus, there’s is not complete darkness, unless one is referring to “the dark night of the soul,” there are often needed insights we have yet to receive by hearing and understanding, or simply seeing. We certainly can receive them by word of mouth from others in witness and teaching, and especially from scripture reading and prayer. And some insight may seem to dawn on us simply out of the blue. If from God it will be supported by scripture, in fact it will be a staple of scripture in some way, either in precept, or as part of scripture’s theme.

When we do receive such, we need to hold on to it, and really meditate on it, prayerfully thinking it through, and hopefully letting its truth sink into our bones, into our very lives to change us. And we need to test such insights by running them past others, and especially by thinking of them in the context of scripture. It is the Spirit who gives insight. Therefore it’s an insight from God and a gift, something we need to hold on to and cultivate and make our very own. In the truth as it is in Jesus.