a word of witness

Why do I blog, and why do I do what I do online? Some have asked the first question, and I have as well. Certainly to have contact with people one knows, to pray for them in their sickness and need, oftentimes not having met them in person. And to keep contact with family and old friends. As to why I blog, there are surely a number of reasons. But the primary one, I think all the more as I get older, is to be a witness to Jesus.

Although I do express my thoughts and opinions on some things, what I think is not really important. I’m just one voice among many, and we all have to weigh things and decide for ourselves, something I’ve had time to do over the years to some extent, and I suppose, an inclination of mine. But the thing by far that I want to do, and hopefully am doing is simply be a witness in testifying to the word of God in Jesus, and the difference that is to make in this world beginning in our lives, through the gospel. How that good news in Jesus is impacting me, the difference it has made in my life, and the hope it is not only for me, but for everyone, for the world, for all creation.

Jesus is the one who matters, who brings us into the Triune life of God. We are to look to him, and learn from him. If you haven’t read the Bible, and the New/Final Testament ever, or recently (though it’s good and important to read the First/Old Testament, as well), start with the gospel accounts: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. And take your time, but also keep pressing through. Maybe better put, read at your own pace, thoughtfully and reflectively. Then read through the rest of the Final/New Testament: Acts through the Revelation. And find a church which is true to the gospel.

So I blog and do what I do whether online or in life, first and foremost, I hope, as a witness. I point myself and everyone else to the one hope of the world that will last, when all else has come and gone. Anything else I write or say in comparison to that, is secondary, maybe important in its place, perhaps mistaken on my part. But the one thing that stands is Jesus Christ the Lord, Jesus, and God’s word in him, the final Word. Through whom we read all of scripture and in a sense the world. And the difference that has made in my life, and continues by God’s grace to make.