full attention to King Jesus the Lord

Nowadays we are being bombarded on the news here in the United States about the upcoming election. Full attention is given to it night and day, and if we’re not careful, we can be easily sucked into that vortex. It’s even harder to get out of it than it was easy to get in.

May I suggest that for the follower of Jesus, that attention is misplaced? I believe it is, because come what may in the election in November, not only will the world carry on, but much more importantly, Jesus will remain on the throne, as the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

Does that mean we’re to pay no attention to the news, to what’s going on in this world, to its politics? I think we do well to give it some attention, but never our full attention in the sense of it being the thing that matters the most. What matters, compared to which nothing else matters at all is that Jesus is King and God is at work in and through him through the gospel in and out from the church. If we lose sight of that, then we’ve lost sight of the true kingdom work of God. Not to say that other good is not taking place elsewhere. It simply does not have the signature of God in Jesus by the Spirit through the gospel in and out from the church.

The world wants us to give it our full attention, and ultimately our heart allegiance. And both the Christian religious left and right more or less have seemed to do so, and many within their ranks continue. But in so doing, we need to ask ourselves the hard question whether this is our calling in the world. Some would insist yes, as if the Lordship of Jesus includes practically a co-regency or sharing of rule with the nation states of this world. Quite to the contrary, if one takes the witness of scripture seriously. Such are under Jesus’s reign and indeed subject to his judgment.

And so we do well to give our full attention between now and November and beyond to one King, and one politic in him: King Jesus, and God’s grace and kingdom come in him; the good news proclaimed and witnessed to by the church. The real mover and shaker in the reality of the light and truth that is in Jesus.

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