helping others study the word in-depth

At Our Daily Bread Ministries, where I work, there is offered an online source for biblical, theological, and practical study (“Christian Counseling,” and “Ministry Leadership”) entitled Christian University GlobalNet, or simply Our Daily Bread Christian University. It is designed for Christians who are busy, but want to study scripture and theology indepth, with a track toward a degree through participating colleges and seminaries.

I am privileged to be a TA, meaning a Teacher’s Assistant. In the direction given to us, our “purpose is to interact with [the student’s] Response Time answers. In a manner that promotes positive engagement, reflection, and application.” One can listen to the lectures, my courses: OT219 2 Samuel-2 Kings: The Difference Leaders Make, taught by Dr. Douglas Stuart, and NT219 Luke-John: Two Interpretations of Jesus, taught by Dr. Craig Blomberg.

When I first started I thought I was more or less someone who was simply there to help as needed, which in my mind meant being available to answer questions they might ask. But it’s at last dawning on me, that even though from the outset I did try to interact with their work, I need to do so more, in step with this ministry, and educational opportunity. So that is my goal right now.

God has used my experience as a TA to help me be an encouragement to others, and help me personally to plug into something by which I can encourage what I myself deeply believe in: in-depth biblical and theological study. There is an acknowledged dearth within even the evangelical church when it comes to simple biblical and theological understanding. I’m glad in whatever way I can, to promote Christian maturity and growth through the study of the gospel and scripture, and our response to that as followers of Jesus. And that is what I like best about being a TA: that I can help promote this kind of study by which we would better learn to be followers of Christ with the goal of full maturity together in him.

If you are interested in either enrolling, or becoming a TA, I would encourage you to prayerfully consider it. For TA’s, you are asked to look at work done in your courses at least once a week, so as to write a message provided for you, along with your own input to anyone new. And perhaps to interact with those you have already contacted. And to be in prayer for them.

It’s great to be a part of this through my work in line with the goal, or mission of Our Daily Bread Ministries:

…to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.



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