the problem with American politics

Alright, there’s all kinds of problems with the politics of the United States, money and special interests a good start. Today is election day here, when we elect a new president, among a host of other offices and things.

The biggest problem I see with American politics is just how much Christians are caught up in it all. If we don’t see it, it’s all because we’re smack dab in the middle of it. It is so much a part of our identity, of who we are, that we simply take it for granted. It’s the way things are, in our mind. But we fail to see the idolatry likely inherent in that.

I will step back a bit, because I know truth ordinarily is anything but simple, and there are good Christians very much invested in the United States. That is not necessarily bad, depending on what one means. The question remains, does our commitment to Jesus as Lord challenge this, and find it at least questionable at times? Do we draw any lines as to when our allegiance to Christ nullifies what the state might be doing, or telling us to do?

A big problem in this is that we have no criteria for judging. The words of scripture should help us, reading and rereading, and continuing to read the Book. We have to turn to Christ for Christian teaching and understanding, to be sure. And whatever we do, we have to do it with all of our hearts as to the Lord.

A good place to start is Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. He is setting forth in that what it means to be the society of God’s kingdom under his authority here on earth. Our identity is not in any nation state, or in any politics of such, but only in God’s kingdom come in Jesus.

That said, we still hope and pray for the good of the nation in which we live (cf.: Jeremiah 29). We hope for God’s mercy and even blessing on it, but we don’t see national interests in the same way it is typically seen in the governance and politics here.

Our presence in Jesus is the politic by which we live (Stanley Haerwas). Everything else is measured by that, but nothing else is even close to that in importance for us. But it’s an importance which doesn’t deny the significance of the state, but puts it in the one light of the world, from the one city on a hill in this world (again, see Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount for this, which has nothing to do with the United States of America).

We hope and pray for the best this election day. But above all, we are committed to the one Lord and the one God in Jesus. And to the Cross, the life in Jesus to which we’re called. What unites us in him in the one Good News/Gospel, not only for us and at work in our lives even now, but also for the world, in which every knee will eventually bow and confess the Lord Jesus’s Supremacy, to the glory of God the Father.


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