continuing on (part umpteen)

Life oftentimes seems more than less a continued exercise of putting one foot in front of the other, and plodding on in largely the same path we have grown accustomed to. New paths may come, and there are variations along the way, but life goes on, and as time goes on, hopefully we learn to navigate it better.

For me, certain basic commitments are in place, the first and foremost being faith in God through faith in Christ practiced most basically in the reading of scripture and prayer, and common life with God’s people in the church, which includes the ministry of the word and sacraments.

Of course life has the tendency to throw us plenty of curveballs along the way. And a big part of coninuing on is learning how to negotiate such circumstances better. I often think on balance that life doesn’t get any easier as time goes on, some aspects perhaps easier, and others more difficult, along with unexpected challenges. So it’s important for us to learn how to learn to rest, be well and do well, in continuing on, hopefully by God’s grace to the very end. God’s grace in Jesus will always be present and there for us. We must take hold of that, and remain in it.

I have witnessed and read of how so many don’t live the latter part of their lives all that well, how life seems to be crashing in on them at the end, and their faith seems to be lagging, or not effective in helping them maintain their earlier witness. Change is hard, surely some change especially so.

Hopefully by God’s grace, which means God’s undeserved (unmerited by us) favor, and unfailing love, we can do well no matter what, to the very end.

It is good to be able to step back a bit from the routine of life, and try to see the big picture, and above all, simply come to God to listen and reflect. So that more of God might be in our footsteps, in our lives, more of God’s grace in and through Jesus. Together with others in Jesus and as a witness of the one good news in him for the world.